All About Clams

Clams - The All Purpose Bivalve


Clams are pretty incredible creatures. Some like the Ocean Quahog commonly live more than 200 years. They have inhabited the earth since the times since the Paleozoic Era, nearly 500 million years ago, and dinosaurs ate them. We also eat them and there are plenty of tasty and edible varieties. Clams are very Zen and appear to be heavy meditators and at peace with the world. They are popular in idioms like "Happy as a Clam" and "Clam up," and they have even been used as currency. Besides the use of clams instead of dollars, as in "It'll cost you 10 clams," some Native American tribes even made their currency out of clam shells, wampum, made from the shells of hard-shelled clams. Here is all kinds of fascinating and amazing information about clams.

Amazing Clam Facts! -Clams are among the oldest living creatures on earth and there are many amazing things about them.

Clam Aquaculture - Clam Farming - Clams are one of the first foods eaten by homo sapiens (that means us) and now we have started sustainable farming them, although this is not without risk.

Clam Reproduction - Clam Sex, everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Clam Pearls - Oyster Pearls are much better known, but Clams can produce pearls too and some are very valuable.

Clam Lore - Clams of legend and more.

Clam Borne Illnesses - Yes, you can get sick from contaminated or otherwise bad clams.

Clam Anatomy - Would you believe that clam anatomy is shockingly similar to human anatomy?

Clam Poetry - The Poets have not entirely skipped over bivalves, but I wish more would wax on about them.

Clam Prices - Clams are a commodity and not branded by location of origin like oysters are, but prices vary depending on market demand and can vary daily. Here are the in and outs.

What do Clams Eat? - What and how do clams eat, and what does this mean to us?

Clam Humor - Clams are funny, or at least many people think they are.

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