Clams As Food

All The Ways to Prepare and Eat Clams


Most clams have a delicious sweet flesh and can be prepared in many ways. Many hard shell clams are delicious raw. Fried clams are a fantastic delicacy, and baked stuffed clams, clam cakes, clam chowders, and steamed clams are superb.

Clams are also great in cooking. Clam sauce, both red and white, is great on pasta. And clams are used in many Italian dishes, some parts of India use clams in curry, clam pizza is awesome, and even clam ice cream is available. Clams are even used in beverages like Clamato®, a traditional spicy mix of clam juice and tomato, and often used as an alcoholic beverage mixer. People even mix it Clamato®, with beer. Here are some of our favorite clam preparations.

Chopped Clams - Also known as Minced Clams, these are used in many recipes and are available fresh, frozen, and canned. Of course you could always chop your own as well.

Canned Clams - Not as good as fresh, but they can be very useful (and tasty).

Clam Hash - A James Beard based recipe, this sure blows away canned corned beef hash!

Steamed Clams - Traditional steamed clams. I greatly prefer northeastern US softshelled clams, commonly called steamers, for these.

Clams Casino - Clams Casino is the classic Clams cooked on the half shell recipe with bacon, parmesan, peppers, and more.

Clam Pie - Clam pie, or quahog pie as it is often called, is a New England tradition and originally from the Wamponoag, a Native American tribe that introduced it to the Puritans.

Clam Appetizer Recipes - Clams make great appetizers and here are several of our favorites.

Cockles and Laverbread - Part of a traditional Welsh breakfast. Yup, bivalves for breakfast!

Clam Entrees - Clams are also great as a main course. Fried clams quickly pop to mind but there are numerous other preparations as well.

Clam Juice - Available in most American supermarkets, clam juice can add a unique flavor to recipes. John calls in "paprika of the ocean" as it is not usually necessary but always helpful when used.

Clam Chowder - A thick soup containing clams. New England Clam Chowder is cream based, Manhattan Clam Chowder is tomato based, and there is even a clear clam chowder popular in Rhode Island.

Fried Clams - Clams strips or much better yet, deep fried whole clams! Yummm!

Best Fried Clams - So how do you find the best fried clams and which places have we and our readers nominated as best?

Baked Clams - Baked clams, also called baked stuffed clams, are fresh chopped clams mixed with breadcrumbs, herbs, and more, and baked in a half clam shell.

Mattlaw's Stuffed Clams - Pretty popular and widespread frozen baked stuffed clams. Not great, but surprisingly good.

Clam Cakes - Deep fried clam patties whose ingredients include chopped clams, flour, eggs, and more. A few varieties are available, and the best contain a lot of clam.

Clam Shucking - Clam shucking is necessary for preparing many clam dishes.

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