Clams Ahoy!

Clams - The All Purpose Bivalve


We like clams, a lot.

We are Clam Hooting Skipper John (Harwichport, Cape Cod, Mass and New York City) and Pope Ted (Newmarket, NH and Scarborough Maine) and this is our clam and shellfish Web site.

Originally, Clam Hooting Skipper John was writing something about Clams or Clam Bars or Seafood restaurants or something similar, and I, Pope Ted, convinced him we should do something better, something bigger, something more ambitious.

So here is our Clam site. We will be regularly adding content as there is sooo much about clams and other bivalves and shellfish to discuss. We like to eat clams, we like to dig them, we like the smell of (healthy) clam flats at low tide, we like them in aquariums, we like them in freshwater, saltwater, in pasta sauce, as artwork, and more.

A happy clam, as in the saying "Happy as a Clam" is extremely significant. Clams are filter feeders, and if their environment is not healthy, then neither are they healthy nor are they are happy. Happy clams indicate a healthy ecosystem.

Unlike us, clams do not try to eat healthily - as filter feeders they have no choice. They do not go to the gym or bike or run - although some can move quickly, like geoducks. They do not do this vitamin or supplement thing.

Clams just filter the water, meditate a lot, and make many humans like us on planet Earth happy.

We also firmly believe in Space Clams. No, we do not think we will be visited by Clamtronauts, but we are quite certain clams exist in other solar systems.

"Clamming, got my clamrake out,
Keep Clamming, like the do-dah man
Together, more or less in line, just keep clamming on

Arrows of neon and flashing marquees out on Maine street
Chicago, New York, Detroit restaurants all serve them
Your typical city involved in a typical clam dream
Hang it up and pursue Clam Redemption"

- The Grateful Clams

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