Clams - The All Purpose Bivalve


Clamming is the process of gathering clams, and there are many methods of clamming as well as related issues and gear. Some clams need to be dug by hand, for example the East Coast Steamer, as they have very soft shells. Some are commonly raked, for example cherrystones and littlenecks, and others are deep, beyond where they can be harvested by humans directly, and need to be dredged such as Ocean quahogs.

Clam Digging - How to stalk clams by your own efforts. Perhaps not as dangerous and exciting as hunting Cape Buffalo with a crossbow, but potentially dangerous and exciting in its own way. Plus they taste great and are less filling than Cape Buffalo.

Places to go Clamming - A pictorial guide to good and bad places to guide.

Finding Steamer Clams At The Beach - A "How To" guide, with plenty of pictures.

Are Clams Overharvested? - Clams are shockingly number 7 on the list of top seafood types.

Winter Clamming Attire - Another pictorial (and amusing) guide, this one to Winter Clamming Attire. Local Clam diggers are often extremely amusing characters.

Hard Shell Clamming - How to gather hard shelled clams for your consumption. Be sure to get a license as usually required, and follow all regulations and stay safe.

The Clam Rake - All about clam rakes, rakes with coarse mesh wire buckets and rake tines at the top, used to gather hard shell clams.

Christmas Clamming - A silly yet amusing tale of Christmas Cheer, and of course clams.

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