Winter Clamming Attire

Clams - The All Purpose Bivalve


CLassic Winter Clamming AttireWhile not a formal dress ball, clamming has a rich fashion history, and it’s important to dress with respect for tradition. Here are some general recommendations. First – black tie is out. So is white tie, unless you plan on conducting a baptism. Still, let us not forget, Aphrodite herself was born from the sea, unclad and standing in a clam shell. Clams are romantic.


A lot of good clamming takes place in muck. Not always white sandy beaches, Natuical Look Clamming Clothingbut sometimes gray or gray-black sandy shallows by channels, or even marshes at some remove from the ocean. You need boots that keep out not just mud, but water. You may step closer to a jumping clam bed with squirts of water every few seconds, then you are up to your knee. Then your mid-thigh. Then up to your knee again, but much tighter on the grip, as you try to rear back and extract your leg from the sucking mud. Yes, many clams like it there very much. Maine Bean Boots will do fine. Your boots Winter Clamming Ganster Attireshould have rubber soles, and even better if they are rubber up to the top. Which is why clamming is suitable for hip boots, and best of all, waders. These antique garments are sealed trousers that often have suspenders to go over and across the back of your shoulder.

With waders on, you can walk straight into that water, get your clam and only kinda have to worry about water coming in over your waist. Also remember, any boots you choose – they will not smell nice anymore. There’s no getting that smell out.Winter Clamming on Cape Cod with a Fez


Blue jeans, in a pinch are OK, or waders. Shorts are not recommend, unless you are trying to look like the kind of tourist who is eaten later in the film.


You don’t need one in summer, a t-shirt is fine plus sunblock, but clamming in the winter is OK too. In that case go with a warm sweater with a slicker jacket over it. You’ll be out in the cold awhile. Maybe not a bad idea to put lotion on your face, too: windburn is less well known, but Betty Ford Clinic Clamming Hatcan damage your skin just as bad as a sunburn. It tears at the tissues of the face, particularly with sustained exposure


This is where the true clammer shows him or herself to the world. I recommend any riffs on the Head Blow Old Salt look. You not, however, want to advertise as the dolt on the left is that you are a graduate of the Betty Ford Clinic. Then again, Clammers are a very accommodating bunch.

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