Earning Disclaimer

Clams - The All Purpose Bivalve


We love clams, and we also hope to make money from this web site. Millions of dollars would be nice, but in reality a few bucks to help with site maintenance and maybe buy some occasional clams is a more reasonable expectation.

Some products and services we may review or otherwise link too may pay us a commission.

We also run advertising of various types on ClamsAhoy! and this does change from time to time. If not sure, always assume we have a material connection with anything, including products and services, mentioned on ClamsAhoy! This is not always the case.

We try hard to have accurate information, but the world changes rapidly and this is a hobby site so we have limited time for updates.

We are also not clam scientists, nor marine biologists, nor professional chefs, although we have much interest in all of these.

When it comes to buying or researching products or services or anything else online, we strongly recommended conducting your own research. Look around online, ask offline people, talk to store clerks, and more.

This includes buying any products or services sold from this web site or elsewhere online.

Perform Due Diligence.

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